EDUCATION. Let's build our future together

Every year, as part of our commitment to schools, we promote workshops on education to development for students of all ages.

This year, we promote the “EDUCATION. Let’s build our future together” campaign, realized in-network with Lasallian and Marist NGOs. The campaign focuses on Sustainable Development Goal n° 4: “Ensure universal access to inclusive and equitable quality education“.

Education is the most powerful tool for eradicating poverty, correcting its
devastating consequences, and achieving a more just society. Despite the SDG progress made in recent years, more than 265 million children are not in school. Globally, six out of ten children do not have basic reading and mathematical skills.

Through a path of recreational workshops in the classrooms, we want to propose students to reflect on the different issues related to this goal, such as quality education, inclusive education, and equitable education.

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2019-2020 Education to Development Campaign