Beyond The Borders Initiatives

Beyond The Borders

La Salle School-Rumbek

Rumbek, South Sudan

The school is in Rumbek, South Sudan, the world’s youngest
nation that became independent in 2011 after a long and
bloody war with northern Sudan.
Due to the ongoing civil war, started in 2013, many of the
already insufficient educational infrastructures have been
destroyed or misappropriated and converted for other use.
Educational attainment is extremely poor because of the
lack of schools, qualified teachers, and materials. In order to respond to this urgent need, La Salle School-
Rumbek opened its doors in March 2018 in the Loreto
Sisters’ existing facilities, with a first
The Brothers’ goal is to build and equip a brand-new school,
which will be able to host more than 300 students.

Bamboo School


The Bamboo School is located on the border of Thailand and Myanmar. Constructed from bamboo, the school
houses children of immigrant families who have no rights and are considered stateless. These children are denied access to Thai schools and the Bamboo School presents the only opportunity for them to receive an education. Tuition is free for students and parents contribute a small plate of rice veryday which the school enriches with additional nutritional component
and often serves as the only meal of the day for these children.
The school has an outreach action which helps the kids in getting the legal documents from Thailand authorities.

Além Project

Tabatinga, Brazil

The Além Project (Animación Lasallista de Evangelización y
Misión) has its coordination centre in Tabatinga, a town of about 60 thousand inhabitants in the heart of the Amazon, in the “triple border” between Brazil, Colombia and Peru.
However, the main feature of the project is that – being its action itinerant – it will impact a number of rural communities through the forest.
The socio-educational activities have a special focus on the empowerment of the Indigenous population.
The efforts entail the following fields: providing teacher training, literacy and vocational training for youth, and promotion of sustainable practices through workshops and sensitization initiatives.

El Otro Lado

USA-Mexico Border

El Otro Lado, which means “the other side,” is a USA-Mexico border immersion program that takes place in El Paso, Texas, and Tucson, Arizona, where communities of Brothers and volunteers serve in Lasallian secondary schools. El Otro Lado provides Lasallian students from around the Lasallian Region of North America (RELAN) with the opportunity
to explore the USA-Mexico border and learn about the many complexities surrounding the topic of immigration.
Through the various program components, the program allows students to interact with humanitarian aid groups, government officials and those directly impacted by USA
immigration policy. Discussion and prayerful reflection are key components of the 5-day program.

La Salle Technical College- Hohola

Hohola, Papua New Guinea

La Salle Hohola Youth Development Centre is recognized as a technical college since January 2015. It is now called La Salle Technical College–Hohola.
This Centre was established in 1973 to cater for the poorer students of Port Moresby. The main source of  enrollment are students who are
unable to continue their studies in registered High or Secondary Schools due to family and personal problems
or those students who have not been selected for High School. Currently the College has 34 teaching staff and 24
Ancillary Staff. The total number of students is 750.
A percentage of 87% to 92% of the graduates are employed every year in a decent and reputable organization or

New Community Adrien Nyel

Molenbeek (Brussels), Belgium

This project is the response of the Lasallian Region of Europe and the Mediterranean to the commitment to
carry out a new educational community in the area of Molenbeek (Brussels, Belgium).
The aim of this project is to create an international community that goes beyond borders, responding to the educational needs of vulnerable youth in a mostly Muslim and marginalized neighborhood in the capital of the European Union. The educational community of Molenbeek is part of the wider ADRIEN NYEL project that
includes the actions carried out by the CasArcobaleno project in Scampia (Naples), La Salle Home in Iasi (Romania) and Hogar La Salle Community (Jerez de la Frontera, Spain). ADRIEN NYEL communities are places for living, experiencing and serving those most in need, opened to International Volunteering.

OKI-NI-SOO-KA-WA Blackfeet Immersion


OKI-NI-SOO-KA-WA (Come and See) Blackfeet Immersion provides the participants with an intercultural experience in Browning, Montana. A community of Brothers and volunteers serve at De La Salle Blackfeet School where the immersion takes place. It invites students and teachers to affirm a common bond among all peoples as children of God and challenges perceived boundaries between oneself
and others as well as oneself and God.
The OKI-NI-SOO-KA-WA Blackfeet Immersion experience includes direct contact with the people of the Blackfeet
American Indian Reservation as well as prayer and reflection, all in the context of community, simplicity and
service learning.