Donate your 5 x1000

If you work in Italy or have friends in Italy, you will know that the 5×1000 season has begun!

The 5×1000 is a share of the IRPEF tax that the Italian State distributes among different entities, including non-profit organizations like us.

It doesn’t cost a thing, All that is needed is your signature and our fiscal code on your tax return.

All the funds collected from this campaign will be sent to the international scholarship fund, which has enabled us to take 1556 students to school in 2019 and 923 in 2020!

Here are the stories of two of them:


Julienne is eleven years old and attends the Kunda Dia Zayi Institute in Tumba, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, a country where half of the girls aged between 5 and 17 do not go to school, may have to face early marriages, poverty and teenage pregnancies. Thanks to the scholarship programme, Julienne and 79 others are able to continue their studies!


At 17, Djamane was the first Baka (a pygmy minority from Cameroon’s equatorial forest) to graduate! Thanks to a scholarship, he is now at the Youndé technical school to continue his training in “Steel and Metallurgy”.





Help us to allow each child to go to school, and for all young people to prepare for their own future, donate your 5×1000!